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The Owner/Producer of Onyx &
Travertin Quarries/Stone Iran Dash company
About Us
IRAN DASH Co., Founded in 1989 , consists of multiple companies which started operation the quarries of Onyx @ Travertine stones in Iran and fulfilled the action of extracting natural stones to the best of its quality and efforts.
In the 90s, the extracted blocks of this complex had been continuously consumed in the world market; In the meanwhile the products were exported to Italy, China, Taiwan, Turkey and to the Dar East; In 2000 this complex began to export by itself all materials of Onyx, Travertine and Marble extracted from own quarries as well as other quarries in Iran. Our professional team of geologists continuously inspect different landscapes of Iran to identify and offer new varieties of stone ever to the world of natural stone.
IRAN DASH Quarry Complex of Pink and White Onyx situated in Naghadeh city is well-known in the worldwide.
We have gathered a selection of all Onyx, Travertine in an area of approximately 10000 Sqm, located in ShamsAbad Industrial Estate, 7 Km far from Imam Khomeini International Airport.
Having been located very close to the international airport, the stock yard has eased the transportation of the foreign customers to there, letting them inspects the materials by themselves during the day and revert on time to catch the flight back to their country all performed in 24 hours.
IRAN DASH has established a professional reputation under overall management of both production and sales, among the top ranking of this industry.
We strive to keep each client of ours in a longitudinal business partnership in a way that not only their profit is increased, but also there’s a hung decline of the possible trade risks. To complement this aim, our professional team of export would enjoy every minute of offering customers the best service and a special guided tour to the quarries and stock yard to meet the customers’ special demands.
Our goal is to be specialized in providing the clients with high quality products, competitive rates, timely and reliable and finally exceptional services all dedicated to the international trade.
We most welcome all our clients to inspect our stock yard and quarries and select the blocks in terms of the quality as well as the quantity and sizes.